Do you want to help companies adapt to climate change? Go into supply chain technology.

Supply chains work best when they have predictability. One of the biggest risks caused by climate change is how unpredictable everything becomes. Sourcing, infrastructure and transportation will all require more agility and redundancy in the future.

Supply chain technology firms are building solutions to help companies adapt to the black swan events that seem to be occurring more often. For students looking for a career, founders looking to start their next company, or investors looking for a sector that will benefit from the horrors of climate change – supply chain technology will become one of the hottest growth stories of the 21st century.

To some, this may sound like I’m celebrating the impacts of climate change. I am not. I am horrified by how devastating unpredictable climate events can be. But, I also recognize that businesses will look for experts and solutions that can help them adapt, survive and even thrive in times of chaos.