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Global Logistics Emissions Council

As an accredited partner of the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC), it provides members access to a network of companies dedicated to drive widespread, transparent, and consistent calculation and reporting of GHG emissions.  Utilizing the GLEC Framework, this methodology allows our members and partners to accelerate their action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to collectively meet the Paris Climate Agreement.

Allport Cargo Services USA Inc. part of the Cargo Services Group

Is a systems and service “neutral” 3PL with a significant presence in the retail, fashion and consumer sectors that is underpinned by the industry’s leading technology platform, Infor Nexus and led by a recognized team of industry leaders.


PacD is a “packaging supplier neutral” services provider that creates value generating savings for ocean, air, and DC operations costs by focusing on optimizing packaging for product sourced in Asia, combining structure design, package engineering, materials expertise, ISTA transit testing, EOM factory fulfillment training, and a compliance program at origin.   Clients generate more Density, less Damage, and better Data, streamlining their supply chains’ and reduce their total cost of ownership.

Infor Nexus

Gemini has invested with ACS to deliver the full suite of Infor Nexus features and functionality of this industry leading supply chain execution platform to the membership. Between ACS and Gemini you have access to a team of some of the best and brightest users of the application and a cloud based solution that ensures you keep pace with the industry leaders.

If you are an ACS – Gemini partner, you can log into your Infor Nexus Customer Org below:


PayCargo empowers companies by making Payables and Receivables available online. It offers efficient payment options and an array of innovative financial tools including funding options on both Payables and Receivables


Lojistic helps companies large and small control and reduce shipping costs. Get visibility into your parcel, LTL, and truckload activity from one platform, along with access to cost-saving automation, instant analytics, custom reporting, and much more. With Lojistic, you can fine-tune your business rules to eliminate costly inefficiencies, improve your carrier rates, benchmark and forecast successfully, evaluate carrier performance, recover refunds for invalid charges and invoice errors, and equip your team with the data it needs when it’s needed. Join thousands of companies saving millions of dollars on parcel, LTL, and FTL by using Lojistic.

RoadOne IntermodaLogistics

North America’s premier full-service intermodal transportation and related logistics company. Offering the highest quality, industry-leading port and rail container drayage, terminal operations, dedicated truckload services, and transloading, warehousing and distribution solutions nationwide, we are ready to deliver the transportation requirements you need across the United States and Canada. Backed by more than 2,500 trucks across 95 locations, 5 million sq/ft of transload space, and access to over 75 Million square feet of warehousing, distribution, and additional transloading space, RoadOne has the scale and resources to become your Single Source Solution, or “S3”.


Bluspark delivers tech-enabled consulting, procurement, and logistics operations services to import and export shippers that want smarter, better connected supply chains. We do this through a combination of deep industry expertise and a proprietary digital logistics platform called Voyix. Our team is fluent across many supply chain domains, including ocean transportation, import and export supply chain management, procurement, consulting, last-mile logistics, software development, and data science. Learnmore about how we help shippers simplify their global supply chains at


The Logistics Industry’s partner in achieving global supply chain decarbonization. Greenabl enables importers and exporters to advance their decarbonization efforts with a single point of truth via 360-degree technology platform to measure, mitigate, and offset CO2 emissions from the supply chain. Our mission is to help companies advance their supply chain decarbonization goals by taking immediate action.

EFI Logistics

Founded in 2004 by industry veterans with years of experience in the international ocean, trucking, and logistics industry, EFI Logistics is a leading export and import service provider. Offering freight forwarding and customs brokerage services, EFI is dedicated to personalized relationships with our customers to deliver tailored solutions, with a unique expertise in California’s diverse agricultural community. Supported by our mission and decades of collective experience in international ocean shipping, trucking, and logistics, EFI is growing to become a leading service provider for diverse agricultural communities.

Cowan Logistics

A leading service provider of Truckload, LTL and Drayage services, covering the US, Canada and Mexico. As the 5th largest Drayage service provider in the country, Cowan Logistics offers container drayage, warehousing & transloading services at every major port in the U.S and in addition to straight-forward containers, we also handle Overweight, OOG, Flat Racks and Open Tops. Cowan Logistics is an affiliate of Cowan Systems, an industry-leading trucking company founded in 1924, and while we are a separate company, we share the depth of experience and commitment to outstanding customer service that has made Cowan so successful for more than 100 years.


An API-led integration platform that automates supply chain data flows. Like splicing rope, we weave together data from disparate systems to make them work as one. Splice makes it easy to automate processes and capture the benefits in cost and productivity from integration-driven innovation. We eliminate data gaps and extend ecosystems by putting information where, when and how you need it.

Gulf Winds

Gulf Winds isn’t just a leader in drayage, transloading, warehousing, and domestic freight services. We’re a team of passionate innovators dedicated to exceeding the expectations of importers and exporters worldwide. By blending innovation, expertise, and a genuine sense of purpose, we’re redefining what it means to excel in intermodal trucking.

Our commitment to staying ahead isn’t just about technology and infrastructure—it’s about people. With investments in talent, technology, and supply chain systems, Gulf Winds is driven to serve the Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Mobile, Memphis, Savannah, Charleston, Norfolk, Baltimore and Chicago markets and beyond.


IMC is the largest marine drayage provider in the U.S. With the largest fleet of trucks and chassis and an integrated network of smart depots. When it comes to your precious cargo, we’ve got the size, strength, and skill to get it delivered well.

As a leader in Zero Emissions Technology, we believe in the power of sustainable drayage to drive positive change for the environment. Our blended approach to investing in both electric and hydrogen gives us the best of both technologies. We’re proud to lead the charge in sustainable drayage solutions.


UnitySCM is a cutting-edge software company specializing in reducing detention and demurrage costs for supply chain and logistics professionals. Their data versatility platform provides real-time insights to enhance visibility and efficiency—specifically targeting the reduction of delays and their associated fees—by integrating seamlessly with various data sources. UnitySCM also helps businesses reduce logistics and inventory costs by optimizing inventory, managing orders, and streamlining execution. Trusted by leading companies worldwide, UnitySCM’s innovative approach ensures that supply chains remain resilient and responsive in a rapidly changing market.