Wunder Mobility launches line of light electric vehicles

Wunder Mobility launches its line of light electric vehicles with Chinese manufacturer Yadea (Photo: Wunder Mobility)

Mobility technology platform Wunder Mobility announced the launch of the Wunder Vehicles product in an exclusive business-to-business (B2B) agreement with Yadea, a Chinese light electric vehicle (LEV) manufacturer. In this partnership, Yadea will guarantee the supply of LEVs for Wunder Mobility, as it attempts to introduce its line of vehicles for clients that struggle to source vehicles for their fleets.

Wunder Mobility has long remained a mobility partner to companies and governments, providing a platform that enables them to launch, scale, and monitor new mobility services, while managing and optimizing daily operations. 

The launch of Wunder Vehicles lets Wunder Mobility take a step towards being a mobility service provider rather than continuing to remain a mobility facilitator. The Wunder Vehicles product provides companies end-to-end support to start a fleet-sharing service, without needing to interface with multiple industry stakeholders to launch their business. 

Partnering with Yadea helps Wunder Mobility to bring state-of-the-art LEVs to fleet-sharing companies. Wunder Mobility will also gain a grip over its supply, especially while operating in a supply chain environment that is extremely volatile due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The hardware component is what makes this product possible, and we wanted a reputable and reliable partner – one that aligned with our vision and goals – to move forward with for the long term,” said Sam Baker, president and co-founder of Wunder Mobility, to FreightWaves. “Yadea is the world’s largest manufacturer of LEVs, and we knew instantly that they’d help bring additional visibility and credibility to this product.” 

Baker explained that the company was specifically searching for a partner whose expertise in LEV manufacturing was up-to-par with Wunder Mobility’s experience in mobility software. At the time when Wunder Mobility contacted Yadea, the Chinese manufacturer was also looking to get into shared mobility and expand offerings to include a B2B e-moped – making it a perfectly timed partnership.

“By partnering with Yadea, we’re able to provide customers with the best mobility software to function on the back-end, and the best vehicles to leverage on a daily basis,” said Baker. “The launch of Wunder Vehicles transforms Wunder Mobility from a mobility software provider into an all-in-one mobility solutions platform. We are now a ‘one-stop-shop’ for our customers looking to launch fleet-sharing companies.”

Over the years, Wunder Mobility realized that entrepreneurs looking to establish fleet-sharing companies often deal with the issues of shipping vehicles into their markets and in financing their operations. The pandemic has also shocked the markets, with potential founders lacking direction and support to mobilize a fleet within their chosen cities. 

“Wunder Mobility is an outstanding leader in the mobility space, and we’re excited to partner with them to provide customers new travel solutions for the industry in Europe and Wunder Mobility’s other markets,” said Heidi Zang, senior overseas director at Yadea. “Our goal through this partnership is to promote environmentally friendly and safe vehicles to best serve our customers worldwide and further establish both Yadea and Wunder Mobility as industry leaders.”

Existing Wunder Mobility customers will now be able to use Wunder Vehicles to launch new fleets or revamp existing fleets with Yadea vehicles. At the same time, new users will get to start new fleets with Yadea and procure hardware from other partners. Baker mentioned that ride-sharing clients like Human Forrest, lelyx and Arnab Mobility have already deployed fleets of Wunder Vehicles.