WTT?!? weekend: the Celadon hits keep on coming, Walmart appeals California decision, Amazon accused of more abuse [with video]

Hey hey hey, welcome to the workin’ weekend!

We never hesitate to jump right in and hit you with the headlines: TA Logistics claims Celadon was insolvent in late November 2019, and for fear that future access to the shared IT system would again be blocked, and the failure to remit millions of dollars in accounts receivables, they were forced to file their complaint. Timothy Weakley, a Tennessee truck driver, is alleging he was coerced into violating federal hours-of-service laws while hauling freight for Amazon through his employer. Is that an Amazon problem? Walmart is asking a federal appeals court to reconsider an appellate panel’s ruling that awarded $54.6 million to a class of former California truck drivers for time spent mostly on 10-hour layovers between trips.

Bob Biesterfeld, president and CEO of CH Robinson, gives us the down low on everything we need to know about what exactly Robinson Labs is and where their FreightTech initiatives will take them.

Andrew Cox joins us from the Freight Intel Research team to talk about the analysis they’ve performed this week on XPO’s downsizing plans, as well as what the DHL Supply Chain Power Pricing Index is indicating this week, and why it’s trending slightly more toward shippers for now. Michael “The Dude” Vincent joins the desk to talk about how SONAR data can give us the short term and long term view, and how that applies to his latest endeavor as a freight forecaster. He also fills in for the absent (and scared?) Brad Guinane, and takes on Chad in a dangerous round of Earnings Over/Under.

Then, we play Good News/Bad News. The good news is that e-commerce deliveries are going to grow an estimated 78% this decade, the bad news is that in just 1-3 years our infrastructure is going to be overrun if something isn’t done. The good news is index futures edged higher while stocks jumped in Europe as investors digested the latest corporate news and economic data. The bad news is the world hasn’t reacted to the coronavirus that’s shutting down China, and oil also dropped for a fourth consecutive day.

Finally, we bring it back to you: what are our readers saying on Comment Section Rodeo? Let’s put it this way: We have some real know-it-alls.

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