WTT?!? Weekend: Love’s 2020 plans will create up to 3,000 parking spots [with video]

We gear down into the backhaul of our week with news of a headline glitch.

Starting early Thursday, small-business truckers who rely on the spot market began reporting problems logging in to the DAT load board to find freight. While the DAT online load board and mobile app are back up and working now, DAT told FreightWaves that a “rare, unforeseen problem” resulting from a scheduled maintenance upgrade caused its load board to slow to a crawl as users tried to access its system early Thursday. Idled power units from fleet failures and bankruptcies are further pressuring used truck prices that closed the year 14% lower on average compared with 2018.

That is to say nothing about the temporary injunction stopping AB5 from being enforced against the trucking sector in California, now “promoted” to a preliminary injunction. The move comes expected after the outcome of a hearing Monday before Federal District Court Judge Roger Benitez in the case brought by the California Trucking Association against California over the implementation of AB5.

Jim Monkmeyer, President of Transportation at DHL Supply Chain, makes his debut on 5 Good Minutes and tells us why and how 2020 will be updated and automated.

Kevin Hill joins us for the DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index update, and discusses XPO’s big plans.

Cassandra Gaines examines what she knows about a difficult case involving Ronald McNutt, the driver of a load of scrap metal pipes on a flatbed. While unloading, the steel pipes rolled off and crushed him.

Trey Griggs gives us a “The Griggs Economy” update and celebrates his new role with HubTek and their current mission.

When we cover the Good News Bad News, we do so with an even eye. As in:

Good news! The U.S. and China signed the Phase One trade deal. Bad news! Even after the agreement, the average U.S. tariff on China imports will still be 19.3%. Good news! Nestlé is putting nearly $2.1 billion toward cutting its use of plastic made from fossil fuels by a third over the next five years. Bad news! Suppliers need high-quality material that is safe for direct contact with food, and much of that packaging now is made from multiple materials costly and difficult to recycle. Good news! Exoskeleton could give Delta Cargo workers superhuman strength. Bad news! They’re kinda expensive.

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