WTT?!? weekday wrap: Air Cargo 2020 loaded for takeoff [with videos]

In case you weren’t able to catch our live broadcasts from Music City at the Air Cargo Conference at the top of this week, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered right here, right now for a “just in time” delivery. Dooner and Prevost are done taxiing on the runway, and are soaring through the efficiently-expedited sky. What could go wrong?

On the first episode, Michael Vincent joins the desk to kick off the show — and the conference — with insights and analysis into what freight forwarders are, and the role they play in the industry. He also discusses how SONAR and the increasing availability of real-time data play an increasingly vital role in the industry’s evolution.

Chris McMillin jumps on board to give an overview of the critical role that his team plays at AIT Worldwide Logistics. AIT is a freight forwarder, and they touch all aspects of the industry. As Chris tells us, there are many ways to get things done when it comes to getting them done “just in time.” He nerds out on data tech, and how IoT and AI are coming to a city near you. He also gives us the heads up on the latest with cybersecurity and cyber risks, and has a few suggestions on how to start taking the first initial steps toward getting better prepared.

Brook Pearse is a manager at the Nashville-based, Accelerated Courier. Accelerated is a full-service regional expedited motor carrier. The company operates scheduled line haul service between their branch locations on a daily basis. Most of the cities are served overnight. The outermost points of the network are second day, but with a hub terminal located in Atlanta, they service nearly all cities next day.

That is just a taste of the fun and education we have on the first hour. Check out what went down on Part 2.

The second hour is another bonanza of industry trends, insights and updates. Eric Kulisch isn’t too cool to reveal the stories he’s following. From lithium batteries to Boeing’s issues to Amazon’s taking over a couple of Pinnacle operations, Kulisch gives us the 35,000-foot view.

Brian Schreiber is a manager of air cargo at Rickenbacker International Airport. He tells us how central Ohio is America’s best kept secret as an international logistics hub, but the secret is getting out. Rickenbacker plays a key role bringing air, ocean, rail and trucking modes together with 80 million square feet of warehousing and distribution space. Couple that with efficient highway connections that bring them within one day’s truck drive of 1/2 of the U.S. and 1/3 of the Canadian populations, and you can see how effective they are. He also tells us the role an integrator plays in the industry, as well as what a Free Trade Zone is all about.

Andrew Ladebauche and Ronald Ramsey, CEO and CCO at Reliance Partners respectively, join the conversation to give us perspective into what insurance companies are dealing with in the wake of nuclear verdicts and a tight hours-of-service regulatory environment. They also discuss diversity, and how their team has to speak many different languages to serve all the distinct customers in the industry.

Batting clean up, Karen Groff, president at Roanoke Insurance Group, tells us everything we didn’t know but were afraid to ask about carnets. How do you pronounce carnet? Why would someone use a carnet? She also tells us about some of the stranger things she’s seen when it comes to the kinds of goods people seek to insure.

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