WTT?!? weekday: SONAR diesel fuel forecaster and more [with video]

We gear up into this frigid week with a wild ride of headlines and industry updates.

First, some bad news: a fatal shooting at a family-owned trucking company in San Antonio leaves two dead. A new cap-and-trade carbon emissions bill unveiled in Oregon last week continues to draw criticism from the trucking industry that helped derail similar legislation last year, but the governor wants it done and is considering making a vote out of it. Meanwhile, U.S. wine and spirits importers want tariffs off the table, and things are getting serious. Also, cocaine valued at $1.5 million was seized in shipment of malanga on the U.S.-Mexican border.

Brandon Fried, industry advocate and air cargo expert at The Airforwarders Association, tells us what to expect at the Air Cargo Conference coming up in one week from today. Market Expert, Anthony Smith, tells us about the economy and how housing starts are a leading freight indicator. Then, FreightWaves CEO, Craig Fuller, joins the desk to tell us all about the new index in SONAR that predicts the next-day diesel fuel rack price with 90% accuracy. The new index could prove essential for fleet managers timing the price of fuel on a daily basis and could result in a 3% annual savings to the bottom line. Finally, will Market Expert, Donny Gilbert, doom Dooner in this week’s Market Expert Trivia? Find out who comes unraveled first on unraveling the supply chain.

Big deal, Emily Szinc, preps Dooner and Chad for a wild series of Big Deal Little Deal headlines. What do you think? Is it a big deal that 82% of Americans have road raged at least once in the past year? Or that a dentist is performing surgeries on a hoverboard? Or that the shipping industry is looking down the barrel of over $1 trillion in costs over the next three decades in their decarbonization efforts? What about lawsuit abuse driving up insurance rates? Tune in and find out what we think–and let us know how we’re doing.

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