WTT?!? The Celadon fallout one week in, and what’s on the radar right now [with video]

On this weekend’s What the Truck?!? we hit the ground running with the latest on Celadon exactly one week after FreightWaves first broke the news. We also give you the latest on what has been dubbed a “peaceful protest” at one of their subsidiaries in Mexico, Jaguar Transportation. We provide an update on the breaking news of a teenage shooter in Conyers, Georgia, as well as the potential progress in the developing situation with the trade war.

This week happens to host a perfect array of inaugural appearances. Craig Bliss joins us by phone for Five Good Minutes to tell us about the Facebook community he formed, Freight Brokers and Truck Drivers, which contains multitudes. Bliss tells us how such groups come together in times of crisis, such as the Celadon bankruptcy, and also how they function for members daily.

Michael Caney joins us for On the Radar to let us know how data is being used differently by a new generation of logistics executives. Data now connects more dots, brings together once-siloed branches, and provides more real-time data for quick decision-making. HR All-Star Astin Holcomb discusses the FreightWaves Job Board that materialized overnight this week during the Celadon bankruptcy announcement. Already there are more than 1,000 postings and growing.

We are also joined by Trucker Beetle Bailey for Now Trending in Supply Chain as he discusses the pleasures and pitfalls of rolling a truck and a camera with a dog on the road. Game Theorist Aaron Welch follows that up with the developing situation of what FreightWaves is doing to build connections between data and people and have fun doing it. He starts us off with our very first poll: Should dogs be allowed in the cab or not?

We follow all of these inaugural debuts with a segment of Comment Section Rodeo. We hear directly from this past week’s readers as it pertains to the Celadon story. As always, it’s an entertaining and wild ride. Hang on to your hats and plastic straws and get ready to hammer down!

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