White Paper: FreightWaves 2020 Freight Market Outlook (with video)

The FreightWaves 2020 Freight Market Outlook white paper is our most comprehensive outlook resource to date. Encompassing the full breadth and depth of the FreightWaves Market Intelligence platform, the insights within this white paper are curated by domain experts and backed by the proprietary data and analytics housed in FreightWaves’ SONAR platform. These insights are designed to provide transparency around the volatility and uncertainty surrounding the future of freight markets. 

The paper reveals that while the freight market is evolving at an ever-increasing rate,  those who remain ahead of the curve will be best positioned to take advantage of market dynamics. Featured insights include:

  • 2020 freight forecast by freight sector, including trucking, intermodal, maritime and air cargo
  • Macroeconomic forecast 
  • Cost and pricing analyses
  • Potential impact of global trade and regulatory issues

We hope you find this forecast insightful and actionable as you plan for the future. Complete the form below to download your complimentary copy.