White Paper: 5 Steps to Lock in Contracted Revenue Through an Efficient RFP Response Process

These days, you can’t read transportation news or open an industry email without a reference to the volatility of the markets…and the unprecedented swings from spot to contracted rates.  Despite the market fluctuations, a new class of transportation companies is turning to software to lock in their contracted rates by improving the efficiency of their internal RFP processes.

Learn from the most trusted names in the industry and some
of the fastest up-and-comers as they share the five steps to improve RFP win
rates, starting with using data to qualify bids (and clearly see price checks),
bringing teams closer together by eliminating the dependence on emails and
conference calls, and taking bid analytics to the next level.

This white paper is practically a “how to” guide for any
commercial and financial leader in the transportation industry who is looking
to move faster, improve its RFP win rates and lock in contracted revenue for

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