What the Chuck?!? How Shopify-backed robots from 6 River Systems are changing e-commerce (with video)

On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude talk about how 6 River Systems’ acquisition by Shopify is advancing end-to-end e-commerce automation solutions. They also discuss the power of digitization and network for freight during COVID, the state of trucking from a driver’s perspective, and they play it forward with a country music and trucking sensation.

Plus, Nikola earnings, OOIDA’s play for detention pay, trucking job increases, top trucking songs, whether Mulan will be the next Trolls: World Tour, and more.

They’re joined by special guests Greg Walls, director of sales at 6 River Systems; Ryan Schreiber, director of engagement at CarrierDirect; Taylor Barker, owner-operator at Heniff Transportation; and Adam Robinson, vice president of product marketing, SONAR.


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