Weekly Freight Market Update from SONAR – Mar 8, 2020

Each week, FreightWaves will release a short video highlighting the top moving markets around the country using our proprietary datasets. Included in this weekly update will be a combination of freight volumes, capacity and more to give viewers a deep understanding of which markets to notice.

The Outbound Tender Volume Index (OTVI) is SONAR’s proprietary index of daily accepted full truckload tender volumes from across the nation and in 135 markets across the country. Increased volumes signify an increase in demand for capacity, while a decrease suggests the opposite.

Outbound Tender Reject Index (OTRI) is a FreightWaves proxy for capacity. It is a measure of carriers’ willingness to accept the loads that are tendered to them by shippers under contract terms. OTRI is expressed as a percentage of loads rejected out of the total loads tendered. When OTRI is low, capacity is plentiful.

Outbound Tender Market Share (OTMS) is a relative index that measures the number of accepted loads in individual markets in relation to total accepted load volume for the day in the U.S. OTMS gives insight into freight flows and how volume shifts throughout the year.

FreightWaves will release the Weekly Freight Market Update each Sunday.

The data expressed in this video is updated weekly. For even faster data by the day, visit this link to begin your own free trial.