Using plants to cope with COVID – Cyberly

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COVID has impacted damn near every part of our lives, including giving us green thumbs. It turns out, we’re buying a lot of plants.  And by a lot, we mean a lot.

A survey of 300 independent garden centers found 87% of stores reported a significant increase in sales from 2019 to 2020. The plant supply chain is a slow grower (pun intended) and struggled to support an increase in demand. 

Blythe Brumleve breaks down that plant supply chain while also chatting with Rick Larkin who has emptied an office to convert it into studio space. 

Larkin owns BCB Transport with more than 300 trucks and transitioned a safety communication strategy into a brand new broadcasting space. BCB has grown into a company that not only provides top quality live video, but has sourced help from organizations as big as the Dallas Cowboys. 

Larkin gives his advice on video communication and building a great company from the ground up.