Updated Website Security

I am pleased to report that this week the association converted the Gemini Shippers Group homepage to a secure HTTPS site.
This added layer of security ptovides an encrypted link between the Association and our members to ensure all data is kept and transmitted in the most secure manner. For those interested in SSL or TSL certificates and the benefits on HTTPS for web security, please see the following informational link, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTPS.

This increased layer of security, combined with state of the art data infrastructure at our Ohio data center affirms our commitment to provide the highest level of data security of any shippers association in the North America.
User interaction with the site remains unchanged, however due to the conversion and instillation of our SSL certificates, you may find that your saved Gemini User ID and Password were removed by your web browser. If this is the case or if you have misplaced your Gemini credentials please contact our Director of Membership Services, Arlene Blocker and she will help to get you back online.

We will continue to enhance our IT capability and infrastructure to ensure that Gemini Shippers Group remains the leading technology enabled shipper association in North America.

Thanks and have a good weekend.
Gemini Shippers Group