TTN Fleet Solutions Addresses COVID-19 Regarding Trucking Industry

On Friday, March 13, President Trump declared the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency. Meanwhile, U.S. citizens are panic-buying groceries and perishables, causing trucking capacity to tighten, rates to soar and drivers to risk exposure in order to meet high consumer demands. 

With truck drivers logging more miles and delivering more loads to keep Americans stocked, trucks can’t afford protracted downtime due to unscheduled breakdowns. During this season of uncertainty, fleets need assurance in the continued reliance on their partners.

TTN Fleet Solutions, an outsourced maintenance and repair partner for fleets, is actively monitoring the virus’ impact on the supply chain, as well as its ability to maintain its own operations. TTN Fleet Solutions plans to optimize its cloud-based solutions and remote capabilities. 

“We build custom solutions based on the fleet’s needs; from simply managing driver’s telephone calls when you are short staffed, to a fully outsourced emergency roadside assistance program, and everything in between. Should the need arise, we have put a tremendous amount of effort in making sure that the company can operate 100% remotely. From answering the phone to sending a customer’s final invoice, all our business transactions can be performed from anywhere in the world with zero disruption in continuity,” says President and CEO Jeff St. Pierre. 

Maintenance departments within fleets may face labor shortages, and St. Pierre wants fleet managers to know that TTN was founded to assist in times such as these.   

“At our core, TTN has committed to be a trusted partner that fleets lean on when they need us the most,” said St.Pierre. “Keeping drivers on the road is a critical part of trucking operations, and maintenance groups don’t have the luxury of simply shutting down. That is where we help.” 

TTN operates a 24/7/365 technical contact center in Argyle, Texas, where its team of breakdown coordinators stands ready to assist fleets at a moment’s notice. Several fleet partners have even consulted with TTN to understand best practices in Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning. 

“There are a lot of unknowns regarding how severe the virus’ impact will be, but fleets have found peace of mind in knowing that TTN is there to back them up should their teams be impacted,” said St. Pierre. “We stand committed to serving as the total outsource maintenance solution and overflow assistance for the industry.”

About TTN Fleet Solutions

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