TruckPark, Roady’s Truck Stop team up to provide drivers access to parking

TruckPark users can now access the company’s parking reservation system through the Roady’s Truck Stop on-demand app.

Roady’s is the nation’s largest collection of independently owned truck stops with locations in 38 states. TruckPark provides a proprietary Enterprise Booking System (EBS), branded TruckPark Reserve, and access to safe and secure parking through its app and partnerships like the one with Roady’s. The company guarantees that each parking spot will be available when the driver arrives to park.

“This agreement is aimed to significantly address the national shortage of parking for long-haul truckers,” said Anthony Petitte, CEO of TruckPark. “Our goal from the beginning has been to offer safe, secure and easily accessible parking solutions to truck drivers. Partnering with Roady’s will enable us to help make truck drivers’ lives easier and less stressful.”

TruckPark Reserve provides dispatchers “direct access to safe and secure parking, the ability to book multiple reservations seamlessly, route plan more efficiently, reduce driver turnover, increase payload security and offer a guarantee by TruckPark that each parking spot will be available when the driver arrives to park,” the company said in a release announcing the service last year.

“Each year more than 10,000,000 truckers and travellers visit a Roady’s facility and purchase over a billion gallons of fuel across more than 300 retail locations,” said Scott Rhinehart of Roady’s Truck Stops. “With that large platform, Roady’s and our independent truck stops can make a sizable difference in the persistent problem truckers face—finding secure parking when and where they need it.”

TruckPark also has partnerships with, Echo Global Logistics (NASDAQ:ECHO) and Trucker Tools. The partnership with Echo Global gives EchoDrive Preferred members a 50% discount on parking for owner-operators and fleets with one to five trucks, and a 25% discount for company drivers and fleets with six or more trucks. The integration with Trucker Tools placed TruckPark’s parking reservation system inside the Trucker Tools app.