TruckPark makes telemedicine provider available within parking app

TruckPark telemedicine

drivers who may be feeling ill are increasingly taking advantage of
telemedicine opportunities. TruckPark, the
truck-parking reservation platform, is making that easier for drivers by
including telemedicine provider GenieMD within its services page on the app.

TruckPark is also offering 25% off
parking at one of its locations when drivers use the app, available on iOS and
Android devices, and use the code “PARK25” at checkout.

“Health care always has been a big
part of the world but it is now bigger and more important than ever,” Anthony Petitte,
co-founder and CEO of TruckPark, told FreightWaves. “We recently partnered with
Urgent Care Travel Centers to provide visibility to our drivers to get tested
and have access to doctors and nurse practitioners. Most importantly, we love
truck drivers and wanted to show our appreciation by helping them out in any
way we can. Since drivers are important to us, so is their health. We’d love to
see them healthy and more productive.”

Typically, a GenieMD virtual appointment costs $49 and includes access to a health
care provider and the ability to have prescriptions sent to a local pharmacy.
Users can also access their real-time health information and communicate with
doctors via text message.

GenieMD is currently offering its
telemedicine services free of charge to drivers that download its app.

The need for telemedicine services
will continue after the COVID-19 pandemic passes, and Joshua Walls, co-founder
of TruckPark, said it is important to the company to include this type of
service to its users.

“Drivers are not getting adequate
rest, exercise and nutrition. Drivers with back pain to chronic conditions — we
have talked to — said they would like to have access to on-demand doctors and
we’re going to give it to them,” Walls said.

Petitte echoed that sentiment.

“Providing telehealth services to
truckers is the future for the transportation industry,” he said.

GenieMD said it has more than 350
providers in all 50 states. Users simply create an account and log in. They can
choose to communicate with a health care provider immediately or schedule an
appointment. Users can also choose to see a specific doctor if they choose.

GenieMD accepts major credit cards
and HSA/FSA cards. It does not accept medical insurance.