Truckers vs brokers: Battle of the bottoming spot market (with video)

On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude will be talking about the conflict between truckers and brokers as they battle for dollars in a bottoming spot market. What market forces are at play and how do you get ahead?

Plus guests:

Nicole Folz, a trucker who will share her story of contracting and recovering from COVID-19 as well as her efforts to get PPE to drivers.

Hope White, CEO of H.D. White Logistics, LLC will talk about operating during a pandemic and she’ll shed light on how big box retail is reacting.

George Abernathy, President at FreightWaves, will give us his take on the market, talk about working with remote teams, and hint at what he’ll be up to at FreightWaves LIVE @Home.

And – latest headlines, Good News Bad News concerning PPP, Comment Section Rodeo, more.

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