Trucker Path partners with Motel 6 to offer 12% discount to drivers during COVID-19 pandemic

Motel 6 is partnering with Trucker Path to offer a discount on room rates as a way to say thank you to truck drivers hauling essential goods during the coronavirus pandemic.

Motel 6 is offering a 12% discount to truck drivers who book a room at one of its 1,400 hotels through the Trucker Path app.

“At Motel 6, we are committed to leaving the light on for drivers who are bravely continuing on their routes, bringing much needed medical supplies, food and goods to communities across the U.S.,” said Rob Palleschi, chief executive officer at Motel 6. “These heroes are putting their own safety on the line to keep America moving, and we are pleased to work with Trucker Path to easily pinpoint our locations for drivers so they can take a break and get the rest they need.”

Since the onset of the global pandemic, the hotel chain said it has launched enhanced protection protocols for guests and employees at its locations so drivers can feel safe no matter where they stop along the road.

Truckers can find and book rooms at Motel 6 locations along their routes by downloading the Trucker Path app.

“Trucker Path is excited to partner with Motel 6 to say thank you to all truckers and help provide convenient access to an economical and clean place to rest their heads so that they can get back on the road safely,” said Joe Chen, CEO at Trucker Path.

Other companies step up to help truckers during global pandemic

International Truck, Triumph Business Capital and TriumphPay are partnering to purchase and deliver more than $75,000 in PPE to truck drivers who are working around the clock to deliver essential goods, including medical supplies and food.

The critical PPE supplies, including 6,500 masks and 6,000 eight-ounce bottles of hand sanitizer, will be distributed through select International Truck dealerships in the U.S. and Canada.

Family-owned Drury Inn stepped up in late April to offer rooms for $59 at its 150 locations throughout the U.S., including two grab-and-go meals for truckers through June. All but nine sites offer truck parking.

Missouri businessman Bob Mericle, who is the son of a trucker, is offering free truck parking at his 15-acre, 400-space lot on Interstate 44 at Exit 88 in Strafford, Missouri, as a way to say thank you to truck drivers hauling essential goods across the country amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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