Truck driver shot by truck stop security guard in stable condition: OKC police

The truck driver shot by a security guard at an Oklahoma City truckstop Friday is in stable condition, as information about the incident comes out slowly.

Sgt. Megan Morgan of the Oklahoma City Police Department said the driver, whose name is not being released, is still in the hospital and is listed in stable condition. His hometown is unknown, but Morgan said his truck and the business the truck is registered under are listed as being in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Reports that the driver grabbed the gun of the security guard, whose name also has not been released, are unconfirmed, Morgan said in an email to FreightWaves.

“I am not sure if the truck driver grabbed the security guard’s gun,” she wrote. “The only information we have so far is that the driver was allegedly parked in a reserved spot, and upon being confronted by security an altercation ensued which led up to the truck driver being shot.”

A colleague of Morgan’s, Sgt. Brad Gilmore, was quoted in a local news report last week as saying that “during [the] altercation, the guard discharged his firearm because he felt like he had to defend himself.”

The police department has not charged anyone at this point but is continuing to investigate, according to Morgan. “The case will be presented to the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office, and they will ultimately determine which charges (if any) are appropriate in the case,” Morgan wrote. “At that point they will determine whether charges will be filed or not.”