Transflo launches free digital tools for truckers in response to COVID-19

While shelter-in-place measures go into effect across the country, truck drivers remain on the front lines, delivering freight and helping keep shelves stocked and medical workers prepared. Transportation companies across the industry are seizing the opportunity to keep drivers safe and informed by innovating their services.

Transflo, for example, has introduced three free digital tools to keep supply chains moving and drivers informed on how to best safeguard their health.

“Truckers are essential to our economy and they want the latest information about trucking and coronavirus in one convenient place,” said Frank Adelman, Transflo president and CEO. “We are listening and now provide free resources to help the industry manage business and stay up to date with this constantly changing situation. We’re honored to be able to give back to this great industry and help safeguard drivers through the use of technology.”

The first tool, Driver Assist Task Force, is an online forum. Drivers and fleets can point out concerns and ask questions about the virus — and receive answers that will help drivers learn how to effectively limit its spread, remain healthy and keep freight moving. Questions may range from whether or not to wear masks, how to safely pump gas, how to stock up on food and how to safely use public restrooms.

Social Sharing platform is the second new tool for drivers. It’s essentially a social network where drivers can interact and share advice from the road. However, Transflo will moderate the channel to ensure advertising and driver recruitment don’t encroach on essential communication.

The Driver Assist Mobile App is a platform on which to share health tips, industry news and messages between drivers and fleets, perhaps regarding document scanning, truck stop locations and Cat Scale integration on mobile devices.

“These new tools are free of advertising and exist solely to help with information and resource sharing for professional drivers and fleets,” Adelman said. “As the industry’s most popular mobile platform for virtually every aspect of the freight transaction, we feel we have a responsibility to help carriers and drivers during this time.”

If drivers already use Transflo Mobile+, Transflo’s mobile integration of telematics, electronic logging devices and digital workflow tools, the Driver Assist Mobile App has a broader reach by leveraging Transflo’s network of 60,000 carriers. Transflo Mobile+ users will see the Driver Assist feature on their app’s interface and will gain automatic access to this new offering.

For those who don’t use Transflo Mobile+,  the new free features will be available at the Apple store and on Google Play.