Today’s Pickup: Will Canada deploy rapid COVID-19 test kits to US border?

A man holding a Spartan Cube testing device.

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The Spartan Cube, a portable Canadian COVID-19 test kit that promises results in under an hour, could have applications at border crossing and airports. 

Canada’s federal and provincial governments have ordered thousands of Spartan Bioscience’s COVID-19 test kits consisting of a coffee cup-sized device that analyzes proprietary cartridges and swabs. 

“The automated test can be operated by non-laboratory personnel in settings such as airports, border crossings, doctors’ offices, pharmacies, clinics and remote communities,” the Ottawa-based company said in a statement. 

But it remains to be seen if Canada’s federal government will deploy the kits to its land border crossings – largely dominated by commercial truck traffic. A spokesperson for the Canada Border Services Agency said any additional COVID-19 measures could be based on the recommendation of the federal Public Health Agency. 

The agency did not immediately return FreightWaves’ request for comment. 

Did you know?

72,135 truck drivers entered Canada from the U.S. last week (April 6-12), according to the Canada Border Services Agency. That represents a 9.4% drop from a week earlier. Keep in mind that Good Friday and Easter likely contributed to some of that decline.


“March started off strong, and then, of course, we encountered the very unexpected chain of events that took place around the world.”

– P.A.M. Transportation Services CEO and President Dan Cushman on the company’s first-quarter financial results.   

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Final thoughts:

The Spartan Cube could also have applications at trucking companies keen to test cross-border drivers. The manufacturer is prioritizing government orders but has been inundated with requests by Canadian companies, CEO Paul Lem told The Globe and Mail.  

For now, the company isn’t taking orders outside Canada, Lem said. 

Hammer down, everyone!