Today’s Pickup: Why Canadian carrier Titanium hauled a load of N95 masks for free

A tractor-trailer of Canadian trucking company Titanium Transportation Group delivering a truckload of N95 masks

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On March 26, a driver from Titanium Transportation Group picked up a truckload from The Home Depot in Cambridge, Ontario and delivered it more than 300 miles away in Canada’s capital, Ottawa.

Neither the load or the destination was ordinary. The truckload of N-95 face masks went to a federal Emergency Response Depot as part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Also unusual: Home Depot donated the masks and Titanium transported them free of charge. Only the driver got paid.

“It was a small gesture,” Titanium Chief Operating Officer Marilyn Daniel told FreightWaves. “But it felt good to help.”

Home Depot had initially offered to pay Titanium to haul the masks. But after learning of Home Depot’s donation, the cross-border trucking and logistics company decided to follow suit.

Did you know?

Just over 9,700 carloads of motor vehicles and parts moved on North American railroads in the week ending March 28 – a nearly 67% drop compared to a year earlier.


“We’re proud of how our team members have stepped up during this challenging time to make sure we continue fulfilling our critical mission of feeding people across America.” 

– Tyson Foods CEO Noel White on paying about $60 million in bonuses to truckers and frontline workers

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Final thoughts:

Titanium transported the N-95 masks for free even as the freight market weakens. It also hasn’t laid off employees, unlike some industry peers.

Hammer down, everyone!