Today’s Pickup: Shell expects to see LNG demand double by 2040

Shell expects to see LNG demand double by 2040 (Photo: Flickr/kees torn - Shell LNG tanker CARDISSA)

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In its annual LNG Outlook report, Shell stated that the worldwide demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) has shot up by 12.5% to touch 359 million tons in 2019. The oil major expects to see demand double by 2040 because LNG is playing a growing role in shaping a lower-carbon energy system. Most of the growth stems from Asia – with Bangladesh, India and Pakistan representing 19% of the growth and China growing by 14% in 2019. Though the impact of the coronavirus is expected to impede growth in the short-term, Shell believes that the market will see equilibrium driven by a combination of continued demand growth and reduction in new supply coming on-stream until the mid-2020s. 

Did you know?

Shipment volume in the U.S. by truck, rail, air and barge plunged 9.4% in January 2020 compared to the already weak January a year earlier. It was the 14th month in a row of year-over-year declines, and the steepest since October 2009.


“North America is full of companies that, on the exploration and production side, probably shouldn’t be here anymore. There’s too much debt in the system, and those guys won’t survive.”

Marcel Hewamudalige, a Houston-based managing director at Evercore Group LLC, commenting on the difficulty in coping up to the falling oil prices.

In other news

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Final Thoughts

During its quarterly earnings call, Walmart mentioned that it expects to save $60 million annually on plastic shopping bags by changing its buying process and by leveraging the scale of its business. The company also plans to cut the cost of vests worn by its sales staff by 15%, making the clothes with recyclable materials – incidentally, making its operations more sustainable. For Walmart, its massive scale and spread across North America ensures that a slight tweak in its processes will end up saving it millions, while also contributing to a reduced carbon footprint. 

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