Today’s Pickup: Samsara introduces new compliance dashboard

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Fleet management company Samsara has introduced a new compliance dashboard to provide visibility into fleets’ hours-of-service (HOS) violations. In addition to tracking trends in HOS violations and managing unassigned hours, the product improves reporting efficiency by customizing which drivers and vehicles appear in the dashboard and keeps drivers and the back office accountable for maintaining compliance.

Did you know? 

Year-to-date U.S. rail volumes for the four weeks ending Jan. 25  were lower than the same period in 2019. Rail traffic totaled 1.9 million carloads and intermodal units for the first four weeks of the year, a 7.6% drop from the same period in 2019, according to the Association of American Railroads.


“Every person who shared a statement had to decide for themselves that whatever the consequences, they needed to stand up for what they felt was right.The climate crisis is just that urgent. We just couldn’t be silenced by these policies on issues of such moral weight.”

— Victoria Liang, an Amazon software development engineer, on the company’s efforts to quash an employee statement on climate change (Via ABCnews)

In other news

Little-known Crown Equipment supplies forklifts to Amazon, Target, Home Depot

The family-owned business, based in New Bremen, Ohio, has become an essential cog in some of the largest supply chains in the world. (

EPA and California at odds over passenger cars — trucks not so much

“There are some things where they just seem angry with California. But with the trucks so far, it seems like cooler heads are prevailing,” David Pettit, an attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council based in Santa Monica, California, told E&E news.

CBD company must forfeit hemp shipment seized by Idaho State Police

A Colorado-based CBD company must forfeit the 6,701 pounds of industrial hemp, at one time valued at $1.3 million, that the Idaho State Police seized a year ago as a trucker drove the product from Oregon to Colorado, a judge ruled last week.  At the time of the seizure, transporting hemp was illegal in Idaho. (KTVB)

China steps up ‘green channel’ to supply food for Wuhan

China has told farmers to ramp up vegetable production and opened roads for delivery trucks to keep feeding residents of the locked down city of Wuhan at the center of the coronavirus outbreak. (Reuters)

Final thoughts

Seattle residents can now use food stamps to pay for Amazon grocery delivery. As of Jan. 29, people who use food stamps or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs are able to buy groceries from the e-giant, the News Tribune reports. Eligible recipients can purchase groceries from Amazon Grocery, Prime Pantry and Amazon Fresh.The pilot project is expected to expand to the rest of Washington within the next month.

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