Today’s Pickup: Lytx introduces driver identification technology

Lytx badge


Lytx has introduced a new
technology that allows for easy matching of drivers to vehicles, giving fleet
managers more insight into driver identification.

Lytx Badge requires no additional hardware and utilizes a QR code to assign
drivers to vehicles. Drivers, or technicians, simply display their driver
identification or QR code on their phone to the Lytx DriveCam event recorder,
which scans the ID or code and once identified, sets up the driver for driving.
The Lytx Badge driver identification feature works with the DriveCam SF300

“Fleet managers are often queried
about who was driving a particular vehicle on a certain day at a certain time,
especially in field services fleets where different technicians may operate
different vehicles on any given day,” Jim Brady, Lytx vice president of product
management, said. “The QR code-based Lytx Badge driver identification solution
makes that process more seamless than ever.  It is a great example of our
focus on offering solutions that help our clients save time so they can focus
on what’s most important for their business and their fleet.”

The technology eliminates radio
frequency identification, key fobs or other driver identification accessories.
Managers can easily activate/deactivate or assign new codes to drivers through
their Lytx account.

Once scanned, a driver’s name along
with vehicle data is recorded, giving fleet managers visibility into both
worker and vehicle data including a driver’s hours for each day, week and
month; how much time the vehicle is moving during each shift; and how much idle
time occurs, Lytx said. Events captured by DriveCam are automatically assigned
to the appropriate driver before they reach the safety manager’s or coach’s

Did you know?

According to the
St. Louis Federal Reserve, the nation’s unemployment rate could hit 32% in the
second quarter as more than 47 million workers are laid off because of the
COVID-19 pandemic. 


“They are both
running smoothly. We have been working closely with the Florida Department of
Transportation and the Florida Highway Patrol. They let us know about this
rollout to ensure the smooth passage of freight.”

– Alix Miller, vice president of the Florida Trucking Association, on the state’s efforts to stop out-of-state vehicles at border checkpoints. The order does not include commercial vehicles.

In other news:

Phase 4 coronavirus package may include infrastructure

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
is pushing for a fourth coronavirus bill from congress, one that would include
funding for infrastructure projects. (MarketWatch

Mobility firms face uncertain future

Mobility firms like Lime and Bird
as well as shared auto services and taxis are facing a decline in users,
forcing the companies to reinvent their business models. (Intelligent Mobility)

EPA set to roll back fuel economy standards

The Environmental Protection Agency
will announce the final rule on fuel economy standards for automobiles and
light trucks, formally rolling back Obama-era standards. (Autoblog)

UPS details pandemic response efforts

UPS said it is mobilizing its resources
to sync with federal and state efforts to combat COVID-19, including
marshalling its UPS Healthcare division. (Logistics Management)

Chinese electric car startups in trouble

The fallout from the coronavirus on
the Chinese electric vehicle startup market is potentially reshaping the global
EV market. (Wall Street Journal)

Final thoughts

With the formal announcement of the
Environmental Protection Agency’s final rule on fuel economy for autos and
light trucks coming today, the focus may now turn to standards on heavy-duty
commercial vehicles. When the Trump Administration first proposed rolling back
the Obama-era standards, speculation was that the EPA’s Phase 2 Greenhouse Gas
emissions regulations for commercial trucking, set to go fully into effect by
2027, would be next. It now becomes a wait-and-see if the administration goes
after the trucking regs. As they say, stay tuned.

Hammer down, everyone!