Today’s Pickup: Idelic integrates Samsara ELD, camera data into platform

Samsara dashcam

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Idelic’s Safety Suite driver management platform is now capable of collecting electronic logging device (ELD) and camera data generated by Samsara’s technology. Customers using Safety Suite can automatically upload their ELD and camera data and have that driver information seamlessly pushed back to Samsara.

“Capturing data through devices that Samsara provides is incredibly helpful in understanding driver behavior. Integrating that data into the wide breadth of driver information held within Safety Suite is essential to gaining a comprehensive view of driver risk.” Hayden Cardiff, founder and co-CEO of Idelic, said. “Doing so allows fleets to leverage our robust predictive analytics to provide impactful insights into driver risk and inform decisions on how to train and help drivers.”

As a result of this integration, all Samsara-collected driver data will be accessible alongside all other driver data in Safety Suite, giving fleets a 360-degree view of their drivers, Idelic said.

The result is a more proactive management approach based on “data-driven decisions,” according to Idelic, which provides predictive analytics.  

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“When there is a crisis, leaders are supposed to lead. We should be part of addressing the supply chain crisis. We not only know how to help but want to help.”  

– Shirish Pareek, managing director of AMG Partners, on the formation of the Manufacturing Coalition, which includes more than 200 manufacturers banding together to address supply chain gaps and increase production of essential supplies.

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Final thoughts

The American Transportation Research Institute and the Owner-Operator Independent Driver Association Foundation have completed a study on the impact of COVID-19 on trucking. The groups said that local trips under 100 miles have increased 100% and nearly 70% of specialized and tank truck operations were negatively impacted. Small fleets and owner-operators reported more detention delays. Most noteworthy, though, is that 80% of small fleets and owner-operators do not have any type of plan for managing through a disaster. It is this last point that is most concerning, as without a plan, managing through a crisis is difficult and can lead to slow and even bad decisions that could cost them their business.

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