Today’s Pickup: Flock Freight reaches 12,000 pooled shipments

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Flock Freight, a logistics tech company that enables scaled freight pooling (the process of combining multiple loads onto one truck), today announced it has pooled more than 12,000 total shipments since 2017.

Additionally, Flock Freight’s hubless pooling product, FlockDirect, attracted new customers in 2020, including Berlin Packaging, Blue Diamond Almonds, Mueller Industries, Nature’s Bounty, and Tuft & Needle.  

Flock Freight’s hubless pooling technology utilizes proprietary algorithms to eliminate terminals by combining less-than truckload (LTL) and partial truckload (PTL) shipments that are going in the same direction onto one truck. Its flagship product, FlockDirect, guarantees hubless transit and full truckload service for all shipments, regardless of size. 

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Uber Freight’s gross bookings rose 55% in the first quarter, but its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, already negative last year, sank even further.

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“It’s coming back. But we have a long way to go. It’s a deep hole.”

–  Dan Einwechter, president of Challenger Motor Freight, one of Canada’s largest carriers, on the country’s freight rebound, via FreightWaves.

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A new report, commissioned by Ceres and the California Trucking Association and funded by Amazon, outlines the actions utilities and policymakers can take to help companies accelerate the adoption and transition to electric vehicles.The report identifies the challenges companies face when trying to electrify fleets and the actions that can be taken by utilities and policymakers to make this process easier, faster, more affordable and better for the environment. 

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