Today’s Pickup: Distillery helps truckers stay safe as it drops moonshine for hand sanitizer

A spray bottle of hand sanitizer produce by Murphy's Law distillery in Ontario, Canada

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A Canadian distillery that makes West Virginia-inspired moonshine is helping truck drivers and other front-line workers stay safe by producing high-strength hand sanitizer.  

Murphy’s Law, based in Ontario, is supplying several fleets – Challenger, Seaboard Freight and Erb Trucking – with 65% strength hand sanitizer.

“We’ve got to keep the trucking industry moving,” distillery owner Ben Murphy told FreightWaves.

The 900-milliliter bottles come in handy for truckers doing long-haul routes, he said.

Other customers include police agencies and hospitals that are struggling to secure hand sanitizer amid a surge in consumer demand and hoarding. 

Did you know?

UPS is stepping up its efforts to scale up drone delivery operations in the U.S. The company is working with Germany’s Wingcopter, a startup specializing in vertical takeoff and landing drones.


“I feel almost guilty how easy my job has been to do during this crisis.”

–  Truck driver Henry Albert on the lack of traffic on the roads during the coronavirus pandemic.

In other news:

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Final thoughts:

The coronavirus pandemic has put Murphy Law’s core business and a major international expansion on hold. The distillery was preparing to ship 150,000 jars of its West Virginia-inspired alcohol to Europe to begin a seven-figure contract with the international supermarket chain Carrefour.

That shipment had already been delayed because of rail blockades in Canada in February and March.

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