Today’s Pickup: Amazon, Walmart, Instacart workers to hold May Day walkout

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Workers from Amazon, Instacart, Whole Foods and Shipt are planning to walk off the job today  in a May Day rally that caps a month of protests by warehouse workers and delivery drivers over working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic. In a press release, organizers said the targeted companies are “covering up the scale of the outbreak in their facilities,” and aren’t doing enough to protect workers’ health and safety.

The organizers have also released a list of demands, ranging from expansion of hazard pay and paid sick leave to installing quality control teams in each of the Amazon warehouses.

The protest comes the day after Amazon released its first quarter earnings report, in which the retail giant declared it would spend its entire $4 billion operating profit  on COVID-19-related expenses, such as keeping employees safe.

Did you know?

Personal travel in the U.S. is down 46% since lockdowns began in mid-March. The decrease was far less for truck drivers, however. They logged 13% fewer vehicle miles traveled from April 11-17 compared to a baseline before the orders were issued, according to traffic data firm Inrix.

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“Government is the only business in business, right now, in its own way. And so, with the fact that we’ve been here for 75 years, and plan to be here for another 75 years, we really need to keep working on each piece of the government to help the members. I think our members realize that.”

Dan Furth, president of National Tank Truck Carriers, via BulkTransporter

In other news

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Red Roof, an economy hotel chain with 650 properties in the U.S., is offering truck drivers in need of a break during the coronavirus pandemic a special Take a Break Truckers day rate starting at $29. The promotion is aimed at drivers who can’t find a roadside truck stop or rest area along their route, and need a comfortable space during the day to rest before getting back on the road. Ample truck parking is available at all participating locations.

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