TMC20: Decisiv launches Marketplace to improve service provider and customer experiences

Decisiv marketplace

Decisiv has
launched a new marketplace designed to give maintenance service providers and
their customers new tools to improve the entire service relationship process.

Decisiv’s new Marketplace combines its Service Relationship Management (SRM) solutions and its SRM Ecosystem partner solutions and
services into a single platform designed for ease and functionality.

“The new Decisiv Marketplace will continue to build on the
connectivity that is at the foundation of the success of our SRM Ecosystem,”
Dick Hyatt, president and CEO of Decisiv, said. “It will increase
visibility into the offerings of our partners and reinforce our collective
ability to provide unprecedented levels of improvement in service management
and asset performance for fleets, service providers and manufacturers.”

The SRM platform includes more than 40,000 active users, including
fleets with a collective seven million assets and over 4,500 dealers and
service providers. Once a solution is included in the Marketplace, it will be
accessible to this entire user base.

“The Decisiv Marketplace offers a clear competitive advantage
to existing SRM Ecosystem partners and potential new clients alike,” Hyatt
added. “We are exceptionally proud of the growth that the Decisiv SRM
Ecosystem has experienced in the past few years and we look forward to its
continued expansion through the new Decisiv Marketplace initiative.”

According to Decisiv, advantages of the Marketplace include:

Fleet and dealer access to an extensive partner ecosystem
providing a wide range of integrated services and solutions that enhance the
Decisiv SRM experience, improve service event management, and increase asset
uptime and performance.

A constant exchange of real-time data, information and insights,
and collaboration opportunities that allow participants to benefit from the
robust, dynamic and ever-evolving asset and service information management
capabilities within the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem.

Critical insights into available technologies that can drive asset
performance and the service process to enhance operations and the customer

A competitive advantage for SRM Ecosystem partners via
connectivity through Decisiv SRM to strengthen linkages and expand product
portfolios across a larger network in existing and new markets.

New revenue and data monetization opportunities for SRM Ecosystem
partners by accelerating innovation and product enhancement through the
architecture and development capabilities behind the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem.

The Decisiv Marketplace is now live and accessible on desktop and mobile devices.
Suppliers interested in becoming part of it must contact Caleb Elliott at