This week in SONAR: API Rates and COVID-19 Monitoring

In FreightWaves’ ongoing effort to bring more transparency and clarity to domestic and global freight markets, two new enhancements to the FreightWaves SONAR platform are being added this week. 

The first is an API upgrade allowing subscribers to digest rates directly into their own unique workflows. The second, a COVID-19 Critical Events Center, will give users increased tracking of this highly impactful virus.

API rates

For the first time, API subscribers have the ability to extract rate data through the existing API portal. Daily dry van rates are available from zip3 to zip3 regions (zip3 is the first 3 numbers in a zip code). These rates are determined by machine learning, historic trends, and real-time tender data. API rate pulls are limited to 5 record pulls per minute. 

Parameters required:

  • OD Pair: 374-704
  • Start Date: 2020-03-31
  • End Date: 2020-04-06

Returned parameters:

  • Time Stamp
  • OD Pair
  • High Rate
  • Medium Rate
  • Low Rate
  • Lane Confidence
  • Region
  • Cities
  • Mode

COVID-19 Critical Events Center

SONAR’s Critical Events Center now includes a layer showing daily COVID-19 cases globally and in all states and Canadian provinces. This new data presents the number of confirmed positive cases along with negative case counts to date and, where available, the number of hospitalizations throughout North America. 

Simply select “COVID-19 Cases” from the Critical Events Center overlays menu to toggle this feature on and off. Users can then hover their mouse over the red circle to obtain the relevant information surrounding the virus. 

For more information, contact your customer success representative or email the team at