Thirteen-year-old goes viral for using allowance to feed truck drivers (with video)

Truck drivers are under pressure like never before, working long hours to ensure consumers and medical staff have the supplies they need during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Many drivers have voiced frustration about not being able to easily find a good meal on the road, with restaurants and rest stops closing their doors amid the outbreak. Thirteen-year-old Logan Miller of Morgantown, West Virginia, recently overheard a conversation between his mother and his father, an owner-operator, about his dad having a few good meal options while delivering medical supplies.

“My dad told my mom that the truckstop’s buffet was closed for cleaning, so the only option he could find was junk food,” Logan said. “That is when I got the idea to make bagged meals for drivers to hand out at the local truckstop.”

Miller took his allowance money and a $50 loan from his dad to make as many brown paper bag lunches as he could, filled with beef jerky, fruit, chips and Uncrustable sandwiches. While Miller was passing out lunches to drivers one day, Joseph Graham, a driver who also runs the popular facebook group Hillbilly Express Media, caught him in the act and interviewed him by cell phone. The Facebook Live post quickly went viral, with close to 800,000 views. Since then, Miller has received national media attention, and President Donald Trump recently posted a video citing Miller as an example of the good Americans are doing during the pandemic.

“I thought it was cool and so neat that I was on the president’s Facebook page,” Miller said.

On Thursday, Miller announced to FreightWaves that along with continuing to hand out meals, he has launched his Orange Ribbon Campaign. He is asking restaurants and rest stops still serving drivers to put a big orange ribbon in their window so drivers can easily see it. He says this way truckers will easily know where they can stop to eat. 

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