The year-end review and looking ahead to a whole new year-WTT?!? [with video]

On the last episode of 2019, we wrap up this year in freight and look ahead to new beginnings. We’ve got all the latest headlines, including news on the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse, Mexican meth making a border run, and Celadon wanting Chapter 11 status recognized in Canada.

We pick the top stories of the year, such as the NEMF and Falcon Transport closings, and how they were part of a larger theme in 2019: bankruptcies and a freight recession. There was an estimated 800 bankruptcies in 2019, more than twice the 2018 number. We also touch on positive indicators, such as Convoy’s moves in making brokerages more automated than ever and getting massive venture capital infusions. And what would the decade be if not for Amazon’s incredible, indomitable presence across the supply chain?

Kevin Hill gives us the status on who has the pricing power as the year concluded toward a more balanced market. FreightWaves powerhouse-of-the-year, Arlen Stark, recaps FreightWaves Live events. We go back a century for Market Expert Trivia with competitive upstart Brad Guinane. How different was life in the 1920s compared to now? Plus, we play a rousing round of big deal little deal with Haley Fazio. Should you try the new genetically-engineered Cosmic Crisp apples that have a shelf life of one year? And what were our choices for the weirdest headlines of the year?

Find out on the FINAL WHAT THE TRUCK?!?…of the decade.

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