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Stackd is a show all about the tools of FreightTech and on this episode, host Adam Robinson took a look at where digital transformation comes from and where it is most useful. 

Robinson welcomed Justin King, senior vice president and head of product innovation at Comdata to the discussion about the ways the freight industry has changed. Comdata has been in the tech game for 50 years and services fleet customers with advanced tech to move companies forward. 

Robinson said the phrase of “digital transformation” can be overused, it’s a buzzword that can “make people’s eyes roll” when brought up in discussion. King agreed, and said the buzzword is nothing new but it depends on usage in conversation. 

King said the key to success is thinking of FreightTech or digital transformation as more than just a movement from manual to digital practices; instead of simply automating a process, the goal should be to make that process better, faster, or lower cost. 

Robinson believes a lot of success with tech comes from deploying tech to carriers and by extension to drivers and King agreed. He said Comdata has seen a lot of success when tech is brought directly to drivers. 

The bottom line for tech companies is audience understanding and being pragmatic around where the tech is being deployed. 

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