Suez effects will touch American consumers — Great Quarter, Guys

Great Quarter Guys 11/17[fw-muse-video id=”C5KnnTm”]

With freight delays already rolling in even as the Ever Given floats freely, Andrew Cox and Seth Holm debate the downstream effects awaiting U.S. ports and consumers on this episode of Great Quarter, Guys. 

They take this edition of “you care or nah?” to discuss the massive increase in consumer spending following the third stimulus check. Holm and Cox also talk about airline cargo demands, Nike retail strategy and news about Bed, Bath and Beyond.  

Cox and Holm are joined by Rick Helfenbein, former president and CEO of the American Apparel & Footwear Association, to discuss the Suez Canal blockage’s impact on the U.S. consumer. The three also debate China’s overnight squeeze on American brands.

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