Shanghai Fog Update

As reported in the news, heavy fog which blanketed Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta area since March 27 has severely affected vessel schedules and  and operations at both Waigaoqiao & Yangshan terminals in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration implemented traffic control measures over the Yangtze River waterway and Shanghai port, and have advised that there are more than 1550 barges and ships delayed along the Yangtze River channel.

As a result of the berth congestion and temporary port closure caused by the dense fog, sailing schedules have been affected, with vessel arrivals and departures occurring off schedule.  We have received reports of delays of up to:

Waigaoqiao terminal     3 to 7 days
Yangshan terminal        2 to 3 days

The Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration has advised that it may take two to three weeks for operations to return to normal in Shanghai.

We will update members as we get specific service updates, but please plan your shipping windows with these delays in mind.

Best Regards
Gemini Shippers Group