project44 announces industry’s first carrier onboarding service level agreement

project44 announces industry’s first carrier onboarding service level agreement (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

Logistics visibility company project44 has announced a new service level agreement (SLA) for rapid carrier onboarding, which promises to help shippers have significant reductions in their time-to-value – a claim that is backed by a money-back guarantee. This carrier coverage SLA will ensure 90% of a shipper’s contracted carriers in North America and Europe go live within 30 days of starting implementation. 

project44 boasts a massive global carrier network that has an annual transportation spend of $10 billion. The company currently serves over 300 enterprise customers, with connections to more than 760 electronic logging device (ELD) and telematics providers across 48 countries, and 800,000 fleets that run 3.55 million trucks across the globe. 

“With such a large network, we see great advantages in improving time-to-value for our clients. We’ve had multiple case studies and customers who have this high-value experience at project44,” said Tommy Barnes, the head of global network partnerships at project44. 

Barnes pointed out that 48% of project44’s carriers achieve live status within one day of joining the network, and 81% of them go live within 10 days. “We want to be the difference our potential customers want to see, which is the speed and flexibility that our network’s been able to offer,” he said. project44 believes this commitment will rapidly deliver comprehensive real-time visibility to shippers, and provide them with the supply chain tools to compete in the market.

The idea of announcing an SLA came up within project44 a while ago, when the company was looking to ascertain the quality level of the logistics services it provides. Receiving feedback over the years from different shipper-partners, the company had a baseline to work with on the SLA, which it now regards as a competitive advantage in the market.

“For us, the trust of our customers is paramount. As part of accelerating time-to-value, we want to make sure that the things that our customers care about, like tracking their shipments and gaining access to information on data flows, happens promptly. We also look to hold ourselves accountable to that promise of having the largest carrier network in the world,” said Raji Bedi, the senior vice president of product management at project44. 

Barnes contended that the feedback project44 received on its service was solid, and that it asserted the company’s intent to create the foundation of trust and performance in the relationship. “This is one reason we feel that this global announcement on SLA will underpin all our potential and current customers,” he said. 

Bedi mentioned that the goal of this announcement was to continue building the trust of its customer base, and to help them have conversations on how to drive digital transformation in their supply chain. 

Last month, project44 announced that it is continuing to build sophistication around the estimated time of arrival (ETA) predictions by applying deeper machine learning capabilities to a myriad of data that it gathers through a carrier’s operations. “While we’ve offered ETA for quite a while, we wanted to continue enhancing it in a way that customers can drive really integral decisions from ETA and can trust its accuracy,” said Bedi.