Parcel carriers institute fees to deter over-maximum packages from their networks

Major parcel carriers are setting their sights on primarily delivering smaller packages as an increase in demand for consumer deliverables is outstripping their capacity to handle large parcels. John Hagi, AIT’s director of residential delivery and special services, explained that carriers would rather deliver smaller parcels than larger ones.

“AIT is seeing significant increases in opportunities for carriers to move their business out of the non-conveyable movement of freight and focus their efforts on small parcels,” Hagi said. “[The parcel] carriers were looking for this business five to six years ago, they’re now looking to get rid of it today.”

Hagi noted that the integrators are now adding surcharges as a means to jettison oversize packages out of their networks. He said that additional fees have been imposed upon larger shippers tendering high volumes of freight to the major parcel carriers.

These additional costs aren’t likely to be passed on to customers since that is a last resort for shippers, Hagi elaborated, “For situations like these, that’s where AIT Worldwide Logistics comes in the mix,” Hagi said. “We have solutions in place that provide surcharge-free solutions to large-box shippers.” 

AIT specializes in white-glove delivery for both consumer goods and business-to-business (B2B) shipments. In addition, the global freight forwarder provides sea, air and ground supply chain solutions for market sectors including aerospace, government, life sciences, residential delivery and retail.