Paper Transport Inc. experiences tremendous 13-year growth

Paper Transport Inc.’s (PTI’s) growth in recent years can be attributed in large part to its embrace of technology and its positive culture and work environment, Wes Kornowske, vice president of operations for PTI told FreightWaves Chief Strategy Officer John “JT” Engstrom on the FreightWavesTV show, “Fuller Speed Ahead.”

PTI is a for-hire truckload carrier that offers regional and dedicated truckload along with intermodal and logistics services. Founded in 1990, the De Pere, Wisconsin-based carrier has since experienced outstanding growth, employing over 850 drivers.

“Over the past 13 years, we’ve seen 15% annual growth, which has come in the form of driver growth, revenue growth or diversifying our business,” Kornowske said.

PTI operates both as an asset-based carrier and an intermodal marketing company through PTI Logistics, which serves as a truck brokerage as well.

“We don’t necessarily try to force a truck on an intermodal lane or rail on a truck lane because we offer both services,” Kornowske said. “We can go to customers almost mode-agnostic.”

Kornowske described PTI’s business structure as always forward-looking, noting that each truck has both smart tablets and outward- and inward-facing cameras. He added that 8% of PTI’s tractors are compressed natural gas-powered.

“We’re not scared to push the envelope on new technology,” Kornowske said. “We do things prior to having to because we like to stay ahead of the industry and what’s going on on the technology side.”

Kornowske stated that since its founding, PTI has been committed to its customers, drivers and employees. He takes pride in creating a great work environment for PTI employees. Driver turnover is amazingly under 50%, according to Kornowske.

“I believe it’s our culture that’s enabled us to grow and grow sustainably as we have been,” Kornowske said.