As Opposition to Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) Starts to Have Impact, FASA/Gemini Needs You to Step Up

Thanks to the ongoing lobbying and public relations campaign by FASA/Gemini and many others, including a great “infomercial” before last week’s Saturday Night Live show, opposition is starting to build among members of Congress and elsewhere to the proposed Border Adjustment Tax (BAT). We need you to step up and help us stop this bad idea once and for all. First, we need you – and all of your colleagues – to send as many emails as possible to convince Congress that the BAT tax is a bad idea. To contact your members of Congress, click here. It only takes a few minutes. Second, if you are willing to talk to the press about how the BAT would negatively impact your company, your workers, and your consumers, we can help you! Contact FASA/Gemini’s Nate Herman for more information.