Off the Supply Chain: The Last Mile Final Frontier

Consumer demands and expectations are rising dramatically. Up to 25% of consumers are willing to pay extra for same-day delivery. Some estimate same-day delivery will reach a 25% market share by 2025. E-commerce is the driving force behind the revolution in the last mile final frontier. Real-time data analytics is also proving to be a major part of driving delivery efficiency.

Amazon’s deep investments are also fueling the surge. For many retailers, the more they invest in delivery, the more revenue grows. Online shopping means more on-the-road deliveries. Consumer expectations are scaling. They want it fast, they want it hassle-free, easy to return, and most of all, they want it free. Yes, the times are changing.

CEO of Stord, Sean Henry, takes on market experts, Zach Strickland and David Faulkenberry on this week’s episode of Off the Supply Chain.