Logixboard CEO empowering freight forwarders through digitization

Julian Alvarez looks to automate interactions between freight forwarders and shippers. The Logixboard founder and CEO discussed how his company empowers freight forwarders through digitization with Craig Fuller, CEO of FreightWaves, on “Fuller Speed Ahead.”

“We believe that the world of international freight forwarding is changing really quickly. Our goal is to help the entire industry modernize,” Alvarez said. “We help traditional freight-forwarding companies deliver better technology by leveraging our application as a tool, which empowers freight forwarders to offer better solutions to their customer base.”

Logixboard is a customer-engagement platform for the freight industry. The software company, among other things, offers customers a transparent platform on which to manage, view and track shipments throughout the shipping process in addition to automated communication tools that keep relevant parties up to date.

“Fundamentally, we believe that freight-forwarding companies shouldn’t build their own technology,” Alvarez said. “Freight forwarders need to understand the power of going digital.”

Alvarez and his brother, Juan Alvarez, founded Logixboard in Miami in 2017, but soon after moved the software company to Seattle because of its tech-rich pool of logistics talent and the ability to raise more venture capital.

With hundreds of thousands of players in the freight-forwarding industry relying on antiquated systems to manage operational data, Alvarez said Logixboard is focused on modernizing the solutions offered to their customer bases, resulting in better solutions to shippers globally.

“All these companies are sitting on piles of data that they have not been able to extract value out of,” Alvarez said. “We’re focusing on how we can help companies leverage their data to make better decisions.”