Knight-Swift integrates’s Book It Now digital freight functionality (with video) teams with Knight-Swift on Book It Now

The growth of digital freight matching is exploding, and logistics providers are jumping on board. The latest is Knight-Swift Transportation (NYSE: KNX). The logistics giant has reached a deal with to implement that company’s Book It Now platform into Knight-Swift’s logistics operation. In addition, owner-operators and third-party trucking partners of Knight-Swift will get access to loads available on’s load board as part of the agreement.

“Integrations like this will help us to quickly deliver more load options to our independent truckers at the click of a button,” Shannon Breen, senior vice president of Knight-Swift Logistics and Intermodal, said in a statement. “As we continue to scale our robust capacity offering to customers and carriers nationally, these types of partnerships and collaborations are essential.”

Book It Now allows freight
brokerages to post, assign and tender loads directly to carriers. Carriers are
able to see the rate, pickup and drop-off details as well as broker information
all before booking the load. Once carriers are added to a broker’s preferred
carrier list, their Book It Now loads are seen on the Truckstop Mobile app.

There is no negotiation, which has previously said can save two to three hours of time for a
broker. Carriers receive automated rate confirmations and also cut down on
emails and phone calls with brokers through not having to negotiate rates.

Knight-Swift will use Book It Now
to post a rate and allow their preferred partner-carriers to instantly book
loads and receive automated confirmation for the loads they choose.

Early pilots

“Book It Now gives carriers and
owner-operators more options and ease to work with marketplace partners they
know and trust,” Bill Vitti, CCO of, said. “For large brokerages
like Knight-Swift, Book It Now increases efficiency in the capacity sourcing
process by eliminating calls and streamlining negotiations.” piloted the Book It Now solution with Schneider National (NYSE: SNDR) early in 2019. It also integrated it with Redwood Logistics later in the year. Book It Now became available nationally in November, with making the official announcement at FreightWaves LIVE Chicago on Nov. 13. Working with partners such as Schneider and now Knight-Swift is important for

“We’re bringing a new product to
the market and we want to partner upfront with some of the largest logistics
brands and make it a win-win,” Trent Broberg, COO of, told
FreightWaves. “We led out with Schneider and now we are partnering with

At FreightWaves LIVE Chicago, CEO Paris Cole told FreightWaves the Book It Now platform is part of streamlining processes.

“We’re making connections,” he
said. “We’re creating relationships between brokers and carriers. What we’re
doing now is continuing to extend that and reduce the friction that exists
today between those two parties.”

Load board access

In March, Knight-Swift will
implement the second phase of the agreement with, integrating its
large owner-operator base into the load board. This will enable
Knight-Swift carriers access to more freight and benefit’s
customers by bringing on board more capacity. said freight
brokers will be able to flag the Knight-Swift owner-operator group as a
preferred carrier as they search for capacity nationwide.

The access to that additional capacity is coming at the right time. At last week’s ACT Research Seminar 62 in Columbus, Indiana, panelist after panelist spoke of the outlook for the remainder of the year, with some believing the coronavirus that shut down production at factories in China will cause a capacity crunch as early as April.

As goods begin flowing again from China, the West Coast ports could see an influx of cargo in March and April, just as produce season is beginning to hit. Carriers will be feeling pressure from all sides — strong housing starts, an economy that is humming along, regulatory pressures from the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse, and the increase in the random truck driver drug testing rate to 50% this year — and that will likely drive up rates as the expectation is that carriers will not add capacity like they did in 2019.

Not speaking directly to these
capacity predictions, Broberg did note how Book It Now can assist carriers and
brokers/shippers during times of tighter capacity.

Access to more capacity

“[It] is expanded capacity into our
marketplace at a click of the button,” he said. “In the times of a capacity
crunch, you can go out and [get that capacity] without the heavy lifting.”

Knight-Swift is looking to expand
its levels of customer service, and integration with Book It Now will help
that, Broberg added. “I think it’s an evolution in our industry to provide more
digital freight matching, and our partners and industries are realizing it,” he

Most of the larger logistics
partners are also expanding in digital brokerages, and there are plenty of upstarts
in the space as well. However, Broberg said is well positioned,
and providing access to its expansive load board is another benefit.

“We really focus, and our
cornerstone is, being the most trusted marketplace,” he said. “How can we
provide a service that both carriers and brokers [and shippers] are comfortable

The interest in Book It Now since
its launch has been tremendous, Broberg said, and the access that providers
like Knight-Swift are offering their own partners is truly an advantage for
smaller fleets and owner-operators that gain access to loads.

Like others that have implemented
Book It Now, Knight-Swift will integrate it into its own system. Broberg said
the solution is designed to be integrated with a customer’s workflow or can be
accessed through the website. Carriers and drivers can access it
through the mobile app. A web version for carriers is in the

“It’s an exciting time,
Knight-Swift is an instrumental customer and they’ve been an instrumental
partner for so long, and we’re excited to bring them on board,” Broberg said.