KeepTruckin’s App Marketplace 2.0 gives carriers more control over data

KeepTruckin’s App Marketplace 2.0 gives carriers more control over data (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

Fleet management company KeepTruckin has announced App Marketplace 2.0, a platform that allows carriers to control which third parties have access to their data while also having visibility into how frequently those third parties retrieve their data. These utilization insights are made available via time stamps and location data that can be accessed on the KeepTruckin dashboard. 

Kelly Hanson, senior technology partnerships manager at KeepTruckin, said the newly improved platform was a product built on customers’ feedback. Set against the raging COVID-19 pandemic, Hanson said such updates were critical to KeepTruckin’s fleet community to connect their operations and scale their businesses. 

The feedback ranged from fleets looking to gain more out of their ELDs to having a more seamless way for connecting with third parties rather than making calls and writing emails. With data privacy being advocated across the industry now, users also wanted to know who was accessing their data and when — helping them feel more secure as they exert absolute control over their data.

“Carriers can also turn integrations on or off at any time from their dashboard to take the hassle out of the consent process and remove time-consuming communication. Our new infrastructure also supports data sharing from KeepTruckin automatically ending at the conclusion of a carrier’s engagement with a third party,” said Hanson. 

With App Marketplace 2.0, carriers can share location data for en route shipments with third-party brokerages. Carriers exert full control over their data and can opt to share data with a brokerage only while the load is being moved. Carriers also can monitor exactly what data of theirs is being used and the time that data is transmitted. 

KeepTruckin has consistently worked to ensure its electronic logging devices (ELDs) are more than just digital logs, with the intent of helping fleets simplify daily tasks and increase revenue. 

“A driver-first mentality is core to everything we do. Carriers now have the power to do more with data from their ELD to gain a competitive advantage — like using their data to gain access to premium freight through partners or enabling real-time load tracking without the need for manual phone calls,” said Hanson.

KeepTruckin also has newly partnered with major logistics businesses such as Convoy, Uber Freight and Edge Logistics — all now available on App Marketplace 2.0.

“KeepTruckin’s technology infrastructure allows participating partners to get the data they need from consenting carriers when they need it — whether it’s associating a load to a certain truck, gaining better load visibility through web hooks or enabling freight tracking at scale with specialized APIs,” said Hanson. 


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