KeepTruckin introduces new tools to improve driver behavior

KeepTruckin introduces new tools to improve driver behavior (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

Fleet management company KeepTruckin has rolled out a roster of new features on its platform, intended to make the lives of fleet managers and drivers easier. These features are part of KeepTruckin’s truck safety suite of solutions, designed to make safety more preventative and proactive. 

Kelly Hanson, senior manager of technology partnerships at KeepTruckin, pointed out that these features help fleets identify their high-risk drivers and fix driving behavior before it is too late. “Ultimately, it is about taking action by coaching or managing drivers to improve behavior, and in worst cases, remove them from the business if they pose too much of a threat of a nuclear event occurrence,” she said. 

KeepTruckin has introduced a tool called the Deep Learning Interface (DLI) – a feature that powers video overlays. A machine learning tool, DLI can identify risky driver behavior like close following. DLI flags instances where drivers do not maintain adequate distance from the vehicle in front, with a 50-50% possibility of getting into a crash.

“We have been using deep learning for detection in the past, but the difference here is that we are showing customers a better analysis of what’s going on through the eyes of the deep learning system,” explained Dhruv Maheshwari, senior product manager at KeepTruckin. “With the close following feature, we are essentially creating visualizations on top of all the videos that allow customers to see how close the truck is to the vehicle in front of it.”

Customers with KeepTruckin Smart Dashcams can leverage AI-powered videos as an effective coaching tool to identify and correct unsafe driving behavior. While previous solutions were mostly about detecting unsafe events, DLI went a step further in visualizing these events for evidence-based coaching. 

“The AI-based annotation – including distance and lane markers – acts as powerful evidence when coaching drivers. The visualizations will tell you how far away (in seconds) the driver is from the vehicle in front of the truck. This will give businesses an understanding and context on whether drivers are practicing safe behavior,” said Hanson. 

Another new feature is the live images. Customers can request snapshots in real-time from their Smart Dashcam at any point during a haul. Aside from on-demand images, fleets can also set up trip images to automatically capture snapshots at specific intervals. 

“With live images, fleets can also quickly understand if cab cameras have a bad viewpoint. Fleet managers can request an image from the camera on-demand, helping them understand where a driver is, and to see if the visual matches the location the driver says he is in,” said Mary Shepherd, a senior product manager of safety at KeepTruckin. 

The live images feature clicks photographs every time the engine is turned on and off, and periodically throughout a trip. Apart from providing visibility into the journey, this also enables fleets to handle troubleshooting and make sure the cameras have an excellent viewpoint to the road. 

“This gives the fleet manager some peace of mind; in the case of an event happening on the road, there will be evidence to back it up,” said Shepherd. 


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