Keeping America Moving – Coronavirus Freight Market Update (with video)

On today’s Coronavirus Freight Market Update, Tim Dooner and Michael Vincent will be talking about the economic impact that covid-19 is having on freight and the transportation industry. They’ll cover the latest news and freight flows backed by data driven insights powered by SONAR.  

Joining them will be FreightWaves CEO and founder Craig Fuller to talk about employment in trucking and market conditions.

TTN Fleet Solutions JD Redmon talks about sanitization and trucker support.

Hubtek global director of sales Trey Griggs invites us to his latest virtual event.

Andrew Cox covers consumer sentiment and projects where buying will be as covid-19 persists.

Zach Strickland discusses uneven corrections to freight volumes.  

Kevin Hill has all of your freight breaking news including, act of god clauses, blank sailings, spot rates, mobility, and more.  

This is a live interactive event, viewers are encouraged to comment and call-in during broadcasts Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12PM ET on FreightWaves LinkedinFacebook, and YouTube channels.


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