Isolation on 18 wheels: How drivers are dealing with the coronavirus (with video)

On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are talking about drivers being told that they’re “on their own” if they get the coronavirus, Beaver Express Services bankruptcy, and Love’s extending support to workers.

Lean Staffing Solutions’ CEO Robert Cadena dials in to talk about nearshoring during a crisis.

Truck driver Charles Stallings Jr. gets us up-to-date on delivery conditions for drivers.

Transportation attorney Cassandra Gaines on TQL layoffs and lawsuits. Also, can truckers deliver in shelter in place states?

Plus, Zach Strickland talks this week in volumes and rates. 

And, Emily Szink on this week’s big and little deals concerning covid-19’s impact on infrastructure, Port Houston, “scam” cures, strained delivery home delivery networks, Trump relaxing quarantine, and Ikiru the instafamous cat.  


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