Hyundai Merchant Marine Announces New Transpacific Liner Service

Hyundai Merchant Marine Announces New Transpacific Liner Service
Dear Valued HMM Customer,
In response to the changing market situation on the Transpacific trade and to help meet our customer demands, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) is pleased to announce the official launch of our new Asia – U.S. West Coast service known respectively as the HNS (Hyundai New Start) in October.
Hyundai Merchant Marine’s new HNS service will initially offer coverage from China (Shanghai) and South Korea (Gwangyang and Pusan) to Los Angeles, California. HNS weekly deployment will include five HMM vessels of which are 3×3,800, 1×6,000 and 1×4,500 twenty foot equivalent (TEU) vessels of loadable space. HNS service will provide HMM’s customers with a more desirable product including the industry’s fastest transit time of 9 days from Pusan to Los Angeles and a greater port coverage while still maintaining network stability.
HMM continues to analyze our ever-changing industry. Additional ports of call may be added to this service and others in the near future. Visit for schedule information.
We value you as our Customer. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local Hyundai Representative or our Dallas Customer Service Center at 1-877-7HYUNDAI (749-8632).

Hyundai Merchant Marine Ltd.
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