Home Depot investing in stores, logistics facilities in Mexico

The Home Depot’s (NYSE: HD) Mexican unit will invest $122.8 million in the country over the next year and open four new stores, as well as two new logistics nodes, the company said in a recent release.

As part of the plan, the Atlanta-based home improvement retailer will also expand the two current distribution centers it has in Mexico to improve supply chains for e-commerce initiatives.

“All of the 2020 initiatives will be focused on strengthening our leadership as a leading home improvement brand, providing the best experience for our customers, and maintaining the productivity and efficiency of the company,” Home Depot said in release according to news outlet Notimex. “Projects will be implemented that will increasingly link physical stores with e-commerce, as well as improve communication with and service to customers anytime, anywhere in a more agile and timely manner.”

Home Depot currently has 125 stores, two distribution centers and 16,000 employees across Mexico. Most of the company’s stores are in central and northern Mexico.

Company officials did not specify where the four new stores and two logistics centers will be located. Home Depot’s two distribution centers are in the cities of Monterrey in northern Mexico and Atitalaquía in central-eastern Mexico.

Company officials also said the investment in Mexico is aimed at strengthening its strategy toward construction professionals, both in stores and online.

“To strengthen customer service within 125 stores nationwide, the company will carry out projects focused on improving the shopping experience on the sales floor and in the checkout line, as well as increasing the productivity of associates through mobility tools,” the company said in a release.